"Certified Organic Claims" means the items have been grown, produced and handled according to strict standards without toxic and chemical inputs. These standards are verified by independent, non-biased state or private organizations.

About Us

Pure Food…

Nutritious, delicious, certified organic foods and treats…

It all started (several years ago) with the cutest little German Shepherd puppy ever, named Ruby…. Sadly, Ruby suffered from chronic ear infections and rashes on her belly.
Sound familiar? When I changed her diet to grain free food, her health problems cleared right up... And now she’s the happiest, cutest, biggest German Shepherd I’ve ever seen.  (However I may be somewhat prejudiced!)

That’s how Animal Sense Pet Products Inc. began! Laura Boston, President

At ANIMAL SENSE PET PRODUCTS INC., we create the finest foods for your dogs and cats using only fresh, 100% human grade quality, wholesome organic meats, fruits, and vegetables. Our main meals are based on canine and feline archetype diets that are high in proteins and rich in living enzymes, minerals and vitamins. This contributes to building a strong, healthy immune system that optimizes your pet’s health.

Our treats… GOBBLES™ are just the best tasting treats you’ve ever eaten!
(Yup, we’ve tried them too!)

Our pet foods are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, wheat, corn, soy and gluten.

Pure Health…

Eco-friendly pet products and supplements made from sustainable, Earth-friendly resources…

Every one of our products has been created with organic materials and ingredients that ultimately benefit our animals and our Earth to support the wellbeing of generations to come. We use packaging and labels made from recycled materials and we are the only Canadian pet product company to use ecological, 100% FSC forest-free certified paper. We use certified organic and biodynamic essential oils and botanicals in our shampoos and spa products for the ultimate aromatherapy experience. Our HEAVENLY ORGANIC™ pet shampoos and spa products are 100% CHEMICAL FREE in order to benefit the health of the groomers and our dogs, while at the same time eliminating unnecessary toxins from being added to our waterways.

We have built a solid network with wonderful organic and biodynamic farmers and suppliers and are proud to be members of the Organic Trade Association.

Pure Love! ™ ...

That’s right! We love them unconditionally